In 1942, the Effie M. Morrissey (pictured above) sailed into Frobisher Bay, in search of a suitable location for a northern airbase during WWII. Source: Nunavut Archives, S. Wengard fonds, N87-022-0014, 1941.

Celebrating 50 Years In the Canadian North

In 1969, the Government of Canada sought a partner to design, build and finance an ambitious development project in Frobisher Bay. Astro Hill Centre and Astro Hill Landing would become the largest commercial development of its kind in the Canadian arctic.

Fifty years later, Astro Hill continues to evolve.

Read this fascinating account of how an ancient fishing camp on Kojessee Inlet was chosen as the location for a WW2 allied airbase on the site of present day Iqaluit. Discover how the community has grown through rare historic photos. And get a sneak peek at the bold plans for Astro Hill in the years ahead.

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