Nunastar is one of the leading residential and commercial real estate companies in Canada’s North. Our head office is based in Edmonton, Alberta with locations in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and Iqaluit, Nunavut. Nunastar’s Iqaluit job opportunities offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits and a comfortable, friendly and family-oriented work environment.

What does it take to fit into our culture?

Fitting into our culture is about making our guests and customers know that they are the lifeblood of our business while cultivating a healthy and fun place to work. Our core values are the guiding principles that help us to remember our true North in everything we do.

  1. People are the strength of the company
  2. Accountability brings clarity to our decisions and strategies
  3. Customers are the lifeblood of our business
  4. Innovation is the fuel for our future success and growth
  5. Focus on Quality is the key to satisfying our customers
  6. Integrity underpins everything we do
  7. Community support is essential to our long-term success